2014 will see greater VIP packages for casino players

Casinos face a problem this year and that’s because of hopping, the term dubbed for players who spring about websites collecting deposit bonuses. Yet what they find is real money wagering requirements that they didn’t expect, play though bonus small prints and dodgy withdrawal limitations. Suddenly hopping around isn’t worth the time or hassle. But people still do it, whether it’s free play with no deposit or simply trying to spin back some of the welcome package which they thought was free, they barely stay for the night. So what does this mean for the players who do stick around, how will operators take care of them in 2014?

Loyalty is the word that crops up in most casino management conferences, the fundamental calling card that means everything to the customer. People have their favourite supermarkets, their favourite cars and their favourite holiday resorts, so why not their favourite gambling venues too. For this to happen the product must be solid, it must be reliable and it must be worth having, by this we mean the long term benefits. If you analyse the subject further, the sites which experience high hopping rates have the lowest VIP plans and loyalty packages. Thankfully, casinos are just waking up to it.

The next 12 months will see big changes to exclusive labels and points packages adopted by most of the leading brands. Yes the year will see more independent casinos with better initial offers, but VIP’s will benefit most long term with the big names. It’s the top casino sites which have the most fire power in terms of loyal partnerships with their players and they’ll do be doing more this year to keep hold of them.

Team covertcasino which reviews and compares some of the most reputable sites on the web has promised further tracking of VIP packages in 2014. Not only will they rate casinos on their games capacity, jackpot totals and welcome bonuses, but on their ability to look after their players beyond the scale of registration.

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