3 Of The Best Games Of All Time

It seems that hundreds of new Flash games are released every week these days, and while some of them are certainly good, there are many more which are very weak. If you’re looking for fun free games then you’ll find hundreds here at Kwikgames, but these are 3 of my all time favorites. If you’ve not played them already then definitely give them a go!

1. Crush The Castle. This game, and “Crush The Castle – The Players Pack” sequel simply has to be on any list of the best or most popular Flash games of the past few years. Published by Armor Games, Crush The Castle like many great games is extremely simple, but amazingly addictive. The aim of the game is to use a trebuchet to knock down a castle, with each level getting progressively more difficult.

The gameplay is very simple, just click the mouse to start the trebuchet’s swing, and once again to release the ammunition. The game starts with only small rocks for ammo, but beating certain levels unlocks bigger rocks, multiple rocks and even bombs. Completing the game takes a good aim, and a certain amount of strategy. You’ll need to carefully choose the right ammo and tactics to crush some of the castles, and beat the entire game. If you love the first game and want more be sure to check out the sequel, and let’s hope for another game in the series soon!

2. Bloons. Once again, one of the most fun and addictive games is incredibly simple. In fact, even though I’ve completed every level more than once, I still go back to play it again! In the game you control a dart throwing monkey, and your goal is to pop all the balloons by throwing your darts. There are 50 levels in the first Bloons game, and loads more in the sequels!

You have a limited supply of darts, and the levels are designed in such a way that you’ll need to work out the right strategy for each level. You can pick up powerups along the way, and you’ll encounter special baloons types to burst. It’s a great game, and some of the sequels (such as Bloons tower defense) are almost as good too!

3. Grow Cube. OK so this is the odd one out, while the first 2 games on this list are incredibly simple and easy to explain, Grow Cube doesn’t really fit in a specific genre. The game makes the list though simply because it’s amazingly well designed and very clever, and a lot of fun. You control the game with 10 buttons, each of which add something to the cube. Your goal is to press the buttons in the right order to “grow” the cube.

Now if that doesn’t sound like much of a game, that’s only because you really need to play this game to understand it. It’s the intricate and funny animations caused by the player’s inputs whcih make the game so fascinating to play and watch. Get the order wrong and there will be terrible consequences, but get it right and you’ll be rewarded by watching all sorts of things happen in a cliver sequence. It’s impossible to get across the beauty of this game in words, so go and play the game and I’m sure you’ll agree with me that its place on this list is well deserved!

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