Big Bucks – The Real Time Property Development Game

What do you get if you cross Monopoly with a real time strategy game, and throw in arcade style cartoon characters and power-ups? Well, you get this awesome new game Big Bucks!

This is definitely my favorite new game this month. You drive around the town stopping at each property which you can buy and develop, but you’ll have to pay rent when you land on your opponent’s properties. The game is played in real time, so you have to be quick and buy as much as you can, but spend too fast and you might not have enough in the bank to pay the bills.

The wacky characters are awesome, there’s a great variety of layouts and some cool power-ups, which all together make this a really fun game. The built in tutorial is very clear and you’ll learn the rules in no time. The only thing I would say though – click on the menu and turn the music off, it really gets on your nerves pretty quickly!

Play Big Bucks

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