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rune towers
Rune Towers

A board game of skill and strategy, stack all the runes as fast as you can.

30 levels over 3 difficulty settings in this classix Sudoku puzzle game.
Blob wars
Blob Wars

Control an army of Blobs in an attempt at total control of the board in this Kwikgames classic.
Big Bucks
Big Bucks

Real time property development board game… and lots of fun!
Picture slide puzzle
Picture Slide

Rearrange the picture as fast as you can.
Peg solitaire

Create combinations of words by placing letter tiles on the board in this Scrabble style game.
Peg solitaire

The classic strategy game of Mahjongg (Shanghai). Select pairs of tiles to remove the from the board, but in the correct order or you’ll get stuck!.
Peg solitaire
Ultimate Battleship

Now here’s a board game that doesn’t need an introduction… and this is a very nice version with great 3D graphics.
Peg solitaire
Multiplayer Backgammon

Play against a friend, or a random player online in this classic board game.
Peg solitaire
The Perfect Ricochet

In a game of still, judgement and strategy, you launch disks in an attempt to keep your disks on the target, and remove your opponent’s..
Peg solitaire

Clear the board and flag the mines against the clock.
Peg solitaire
GoMad: The Escape

Slide the blocks in the correct sequence to get off the board.
Peg solitaire

The classic board game of peg solitaire. Jump all the pegs over one another in an attempt to clear the board.

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Board games never go out of fashion. From ancient games like chess, checkers or go, through modern classics such as Monopoly or Cluedo they are great fun for all ages. We’re constantly adding new board games to the site so be sure to subscribe to the newsletter and we’ll send you a quick email to let you know about newly added games!