Blackjack Insurance

If you haven’t played blackjack in a casino-style environment, you probably haven’t heard about blackjack insurance. Well, you’re missing out. It’s the rare kind of insurance that’s actually fun, and it can substantially cut down on wild swings of bad luck.

Here’s how blackjack insurance works. It’s usually only an option in casino or casino style games, whether online or in-person. And it only applies in blackjack games where one of the dealer’s card is played in the hole (face down). In those games, when the dealer’s face up card is an ace and before the dealer looks at the card in the hole, the player has the option to buy insurance against the dealer having blackjack.

With a fresh deck, if the dealer has a face up ace card, he or she has about a one in three chance of having blackjack (21 points), guaranteeing an instant win for the dealer. Those are pretty high odds. By taking out insurance, the player creates a side bet that pays 2:1. If the dealer does have blackjack (a ten or a face card in the hole), the player loses the hand but wins the insurance bet. If not, the player loses the insurance bet – but can continue playing the hand.

Players can’t bet as much as they want on insurance. The maximum insurance bet is half the initial bet, meaning that the maximum payout is the value of the initial bet. So a player who wins an insurance bet and loses the hand will come out even. A player who loses the insurance bet but wins the hand will come out ahead (but not as far ahead as they would have without insurance).
Insurance won’t help players win chips or money in the long run. Instead, insurance limits the loss of chips to dealer blackjacks. It decreases and mitigates losses. Insurance is a classic hedge: it decreases the effects of downward swings of variation by eliminating the loss from no-win situations.

If you’re playing Multihand Blackjack on, you should give blackjack insurance a try. Especially when you’re playing several hands at once, the ability to decrease the severity of losses from dealer blackjacks is a huge advantage. Instead of simply shrugging and losing whenever a dealer hits 21, blackjack insurance puts you in control. That’s the way it should be. So don’t be afraid of blackjack insurance.

Whether you’re playing for money or just for fun, give real casino-style blackjack, complete with blackjack insurance, a try. Blackjack insurance not only increases your odds of winning, it increases the amount of fun you’ll have. And what could possibly be better than that? Give it a try today in the Multihand Blackjack game on