Understanding online bingo lingo

If you enjoy online gaming, but are looking to try something different – and with potential financial rewards – then you might want to try your luck at online bingo. This is an entertaining and incredibly social online game, where half the fun lies in chatting to fellow players as you play.

You might hear bingo callers and fellow players using bingo terms you don’t understand. You’ll soon learn that there is a whole lingo that comes with bingo and this guide’s here to help you understand the most common bingo number terms.

‘Goodbye Teens’ is understandably another name for the number 19, while ‘One Score’, means the number 20.

‘Coming Of Age’ is what players and callers often call the number 18.

With reference to the hit Abba song, the number 17 is often referred to as ‘Dancing Queen’.

The number 15 is known as ‘Young and Keen’, while 16 is known as ‘Sweet’.

The number 14 is romantically known as ‘Valentine’s Day’, while the number 13, a superstitious number the world over, is known as ‘Unlucky for Some’.

The number 11 is known as ‘Legs Eleven’ as the number looks like a pair of legs, while the number 12 is known simply as ‘A Dozen’.

Because the British Prime Minister always resides at 10 Downing Street, the number 10 is also known as ‘Downing Street’. During Tony Blair’s time in office it was also known as ‘Tony’s Den’.

The number 9 looks back to the Second World War with its title ‘Doctor’s Orders’. This refers to doctor’s written advice to those off on sick notes not to stay out past 9 o’clock.

Many of the numbers used in bingo are given alternative names in cockney rhyming slang, or rhyming words. One such number is the number 8, which is known as ‘Garden Gate’.

While the number 13 is often thought to be unlucky, the number 7 is often thought to be just the opposite. That’s why the number 7 in bingo is known as ‘Lucky’.

Two more rhyming names are those for 5 and 6, which are ‘Man Alive’ and ‘Tom’s Tricks’, or ‘Pick up Sticks’ respectively.

3 and 4 are also given rhyming alternative names, which are that good old British ’Cup of Tea’ and ‘Knock at the Door’ respectively.

The number 2 is often called ‘One Little Duck’. This is because the shape of the number 2 resembles a little duck.

And finally, number 1 is known as ‘Kelly’s Eye’. No one is quite sure why this is, but some think that the Kelly referred to may be Ned Kelly.

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