Fast Online Casino Gaming

Everyone loves the thrill of the slots. That tingly feeling when the reels spin and the anticipation as the symbols appear. Is it a winner? Will I get the jackpot this time? Am I going home in a limo (obviously doesn’t apply if you’re playing at an online casino)?

Winning on the slots is pretty tricky, because it’s almost impossible to predict what the spin will reveal. However, there are some common sense rules that will help you stretch your stack of chips, and ensure you get the best possible bang for your well earned buck.

The slots very clearly state their pay out. Most will pay out at about 97%. What that means is that for every single pound you put into the slot machine, you stand to get about 97 pence back. In the long run, you will lose your money playing on the slots.

However… If you are lucky, you could hit a progressive jackpot, or you might just get a regular jackpot, or – you never know – you could hit a fortuitous and very long winning streak – simply because the game has not paid out for a very long time.

You just don’t know with those tricky slots games – they are just so very unpredictable.

The first thing to do is study the pay table. Make sure you understand all the requirements to be eligible for a jackpot, or the bonus rounds, before you put a single penny in the machine.

Make sure you’ve taken advantage of the slots club or any other bonus being offered by the site you have picked.

These will all help you improve your margin. If the payout rate is at 97%, you might as well be gambling free money.

Make sure you take frequent breaks. These will prevent you from making silly mistakes. If you want to simply enjoy your time spinning those fabulous slots, then why not just play one coin and one line at a time. You can spend hours making a few dollars stretch on and on forever. That’s how you really have a lot of fun on the slots.

If you think you are going to be lucky then why not play one of the monster jackpot progressive slots. Here just one spin could set you up for life. If you’re going to play – you might as well play big.

One final tip – and perhaps the most important tip of all – is: make sure you are not gambling with money that you cannot afford to lose. There’s nothing worse than that sinking feeling in your stomach when you realise you have spent money that you need for something else. Gamble sensibly and enjoy it!

So – have fun and enjoy your time at the slots playing safely and sensibly.