Free Flash Games

Pairs memory game
A nice variation on classic solitaire which is quick to learn, but hard to master .
Letter RIP word game
Shoot the outlaw’s spurious letters to create real words.
Red Remover
Deceptively simple sounding puzzle game with lots of hiden features and bonuses to unlock on later levels.
Crush the castle

Crush The Castle
Highly addictive game where you attempt to destroy your enemies castles with your catapult.

Light bot

Light Bot
Program your robot so he navigates the grid and truns off all the lights.


Law of the West Pinball
Pinball game with a wild west theme.

Governor of poker

Governor Of Poker
A superb poker game with a difference. Play in tournaments and cash games in order to try and win or buy every house in Texas!


Snowboarder XS
Very nice 3D snow boaridng action.

More bloons
More Bloons

More baloon popping action from tha makers of Bloons

KickFlip Skateboarding
Nice “Tony Hawkes” style skateboarding game.

Stunt ATV

Stunt Mountain
Drive your ATV on the mountain course, performing mad stunts.


Superb retro styled shooter.
little farm

Little Farm
Fun puzzle game with a strategy element.

spin blaster

“Tempest” style retro shooter.

star beacons

Star Beacons
Fun and cheerful action/puzzle game.

Tower defense

Savior : Tower Defense
Nice tower defense game with a magical theme.

railway valley

Railway Valley
Really nice “Sim city” style railroad strategy game.

word kingdom

Word Kingdom
Form words in order to collect resources and build your empire.

buggy bricks

Tilt Simple 3D puzzle/skill game.

Kaban sheep

Drift Runners
Fun and stylish driving game.

Word it game

Solo Words Addictive Scrabble style word solitaire game.

buggy bricks

Crazy Go Nuts 2 Blast a squirrel out of a cannon to collect nuts!

Kaban sheep

Pixa Fixa Unique puzzle/memory/shooting/drawing game (yeah, that’s a lot of grenres!) with retro styling!

Word it game

GoMad: The Escape Drag the blocks out of the way in order to escape the grid.

buggy bricks

Buggy Bricks Simple but very addictive action/puzzle game.

Kaban sheep

Kaban Sheep
Herd the sheep into the correct color pens in this mad fun game.

Word it game

Word It A cross between Scrabble and Crossword puzzles in this new free word game.

bloons flash game

Paper Planes

A unique and beautifully simple game of skill.


Multi Tasking 2

A frustrating but addictive game of skill, proving you don’t need flashy graphics to have fun!

sniper assassin 2

Sniper Assassin 3

Another awesome game in this great series…

bloons flash game


Take control of a dart throwing monkey in an attempt to burst all the balloons in this crazy puzzle game.



A combination of Pacman and Qix in this great arcade game of skill and strategy.

sniper assassin 2

Sniper Assassin 2

Your wife’s murder needs to be avenged, and this sniper game allows you to do it in style!

Blob wars

Blob Wars

Control an army of Blobs in an attempt at total control of the board in this Kwikgames classic.

Kwiksearch wordsearch

Word Search

Hey, you know the rules! Try to find the hidden words as fast as you can to score well.

flicker switchit game


30 levels of fiendishly difficult puzzle. It sounds so easy doesn’t it… just flick the switches!?

Bug war strategy game

Bug War

Great little strategy game. Try and defeat all the other bugs by over-running their colonies.

Stick bang game

Stick Bang

Great mixture of Tanx and Lemmings. Defeat your opponent and purchase more weapons… rinse and repeat!

rune towers

Rune Towers

A game of skill and strategy, stack all the runes as fast as you can.

Bug war strategy game

Study Hall

Keep the ball bouncing on the right pencil or it’s game over in this crazy take on pong!

Picture slide puzzle

Picture Slide

Rearrange the picture as fast as you can.

Truck driving game

Monster Trucks Nitro

Monster truck racing madness. Race over crazy tracks in this monster game.

Mini golf

Mini Putt

18 hole mini golf game.



Stack the blobs and set of chain reactions as you match the patterns in this unique puzzle game.

Sheep asteroids


This is what you get when you cross Asteroids with sheep! A crazy take on a classic arcade hit.

Bowman 2 archery

Bowman 2

Even more archery fun in this action strategy sequel.

Pairs memory game

Blob Pairs

Match the pairs of cards against the clock.



30 levels over 3 difficulty settings.

Mini pool

Mini Pool

Pot as many balls as you can in this fun pool game.

Munchy pacman


The Kwikgames classic version of Pacman.

Twiddle Stix


You’ll need to use your brain in this skill based puzzle game.

Kwik shot skeet shooting

Kwik Shot

Skeet shoot, target shoot and more in this arcade shooter.

Tank Attack

Tank Attack

Old skool shoot-em-up arcade fun.

Sheep space invaders

Sheep Invaders

Defend earth from those blasted sheep in this new take on the arcade classic.

Sushi go round

Sushi Go Round

Interesting game of skill and memory.



Key tapping, button bashing, joystick waggling mayhem!


Battle Pong

Pong with special moves!

Bloony wheel

Bloony Wheel

Interesting arcade game – beat each level by driving the wheel, while protecting the balloon.

Da numba

Da Numba

Put your math to the test in this puzzle game.


Moon Cave

Thrust your spaceship around and keep and eye on the fueld guage.


Pyramid Solitaire

Clear the pyramid by matching pairs of cards which add up to 13.

Peg solitaire


Classic board game of peg solitaire.

Bubble wrap simulator


Virtual Bubblewrap… what more can I say?


Stunt Mania

Ride your bike through the courses performing manic stunts along the way in this fast paced action game.



Cute puzzle game. Line up Pickies of the same colour to progress.

Hard Target

Hard Target

First person shooting game.

Army Copter

Army Copter

Arcade shoot-em-up action in this faced paced blaster.

4 Wheel Madness

4 Wheel Madness

Monster truck mayhem, drive through the levels creating chaos and crushing cars.

Peg solitaire

The classic strategy game of Mahjongg (Shangahi). Select pairs of tiles to remove the from the board, but in the correct order or you’ll get stuck!.

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