Bloons 2

How to play Bloons 2

Aim and shoot with the mouse, and to use special powerups.
Instructions Bloons was one of the best loved Flash games of all time, and it spawned a ton of pseudo-sequels and spin offs such as Bloons Tower Defence, and the Bloons Insanity Pack to name just a couple. What we’ve really been waiting for though is a proper sequel, and finally here it is – Bloons 2.

Bloons 2 really is a worthy sequel to an awesome game, and while there are all new graphics, levels and a wealth of special bloons and powerups, the essence of the game hasn’t changed. You still control a dart throwing monkey in an effort to burst as many bloons as you can. All the old favorites like the boomerang and three way darts are here, but now there are loads more… have fun!

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