Bubba Time

How to play Bubba Time

Use the Left/Right Arrows to make Bubba walk. Hit the Up Arrow to make Bubba jump or enter an open door. Press the Down Arrow to make Bubba Crouch.(or use WASD) Place and/or Remove blocks with Z (or J). Bend Time by pressing X (or K). Pres Escape to open the menu (Restart level, go back to the main room, mute the game, change quality etc.) THIS GAME IS AUTO SAVED EACH TIME YOU GET INTO A DOOR
Instructions Bubba Time” is an Action/Puzzle game where you must use your ability to bend time to avoid diferent obstacles. “Bubba Time” was originaly designed for CODEAR MASH-UP CONTEST. Using element of 2 or more diferent games, you were supposed to make a whole new game. As many of you must have noticed we choose to merge 1986’s classic “Solomon’s Key” whit a original moder game such as “Braid”

Use the cursor keys to move Bubba.  Push levers to open exit doors.  Push up while standing in front of a door to go to another room.   Escape opens the menu.  Z places and removes the pink blocks.

If Bubba is crouched the pink blocks are placed from the floor’s level.  Hit the blocks from below to break them.

Walkers are the only enemies that can be eliminated, if the block where they are standing is removed they will die.

Some blocks are deactivated when you hit the corresponding key.  The weight sensitive blocks will deactivate some obstacles when pressure is applied.  Yellow lights won’t let you place blocks over them.

Collect the cogs in order to repair the clock.

Press X to apply the time modifier and make the enemies move in slow motion.

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