Bunny Flags

How to play Bunny Flags

Move using the WASD keys, aim and shoot with the mouse. Use the mouse to buy upgrades. R enters rage mode.
Instructions Defend the flag at all costs, by fending off the attackers, and building strategic defences. You control a lone command bunny and your job is to defend your base. Starting with nothing more than a pistol, you’ll rise up through the ranks buying new defences and earning weapons upgrades. But how will you defend the flag?

Will you be engineer with his arsenal of towers? Or a Commando designing attack stategies? Or maybe the destroyer, who leaves nothing alive? Create mazes with barricades, place strategically towers of combat and use the talent tree to become more powerful, against your enemies. 17 maps, 3 classes, 4 difficulties, 12 ranks, 8 types of enemies and 3 talent tree.

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