Crush The Castle 2 – Players Pack

How to play Crush The Castle 2 – Players Pack
(Click here to play the original Crush The Castle)

Use your mouse or spacebar to fire, release and reload. R to reset. Cursor (arrow) keys to view the castle, and M mutes the sound.
Instructions This is the long awaited sequel to Crush The Castle.  The Players Pack is a massive collection of new castles to destroy, all designed and submitted by players of the original game.  This time round there are no limited to the number of shots you can take, but you can earn medels for beating a level in a certain number of shots… Can you earn the gold medal on every level?

This is a long overdue upgrade to the game.  While it’s not Crush The Castle 2, it’s better than nothing and will certainly keep us busy until Armorgames release a proper sequel!

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