Crush The Castle 2

How to play Crush The Castle 2

Use the mouse to fire, release and reload – it’s all in the timing! Use R to reset. Cursor (arrow) keys to view the castle, and M mutes the sound.
Instructions You’ve waited patiently, and now it’s here! The original Crush The Castle was an awesome game, and the Player’s Pack gave us a ton of new levels, but a proper sequel has been a long time in the making… And now it’s here!

Crush The Castle 2 stays loyal to the original gameplay but with all new graphics, new ammo, and a new achievements feature. The design of the castles is fantastic, bringing more strategy to the game, and the range of castles means it will take you a while to work your way through all the levels, and unlock all the features. And if that wasn’t enough, the built in castle designer will keep you happy for hours, and you can share your own designs and crush castles made by other players in the “People’s Empire”… have fun!

Well done to Armor Games for developing yet another fantastic game, and delivering on their promise of a worthy sequel in this series! If you like the new Crush The Castle II be sure to rate the game or leave a comment below.

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