Crush The Castle

How to play Crush The Castle

Use your mouse or spacebar to fire, release and reload. R to reset. Cursor (arrow) keys to view the castle, and M mutes the sound.
Instructions Defeat the resistance by using your powerful trebuchet and demolishing their castles in the great game of skill and strategy from Armor Games. You start off only with small stones, but as you progress you get better and better ammo ad you beat each level . However, the enemy castles also get harder to defeat as you progress through the game, and you’ll need to work out the correct tactics to demolish them all and defeat the game.

Beat all the castles and you’ll unlock a editing mode where you can have great fun building your own custom castles and seeing how well they stand up to the might trebuchet!

Beat all the levels?  There’s a player’s pack available with loads more levels on the Crush the castle 2 page!

Our verdict: One of the most fun online videogames to have been released in recent years – developers take note, we want more games like this please!

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