Ego Texas Hold’em Poker

How to play Texas Hold’em Poker

Use the mouse to make your bets and decisions
Instructions This is a great multi-player free Texas Hold’em game for Flash.  Play against up to 9 other players around the world entirely for free.  Includes all the usual features you’d expect in a poker game, with nice animated avatars and a chat feature.  The lobby is simple to use so you can join a game quickly and easily, sit down at the table and start playing poker!

Don’t know how to play? Learn to play Texas Hold em poker for free!

You can create your own poker avater, chat with the other players, create a buddy list and try to win the big money!

The graphics aren’t quite up to the level of Governor Of Poker, but since this is a true multiplayer game and you’ll be playing against other human opponents it’s much more realistic and much more fun than just trying to beat computer players… and of course it’s totally free so you can practice all you want without having to spend any money.

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