Governor of Poker

How to play Governor Of Poker

Use the mouse – see in game for more details.
Instructions Great poker game with a difference. In this very unique and fun game you have to battle it out in poker tournaments and games in order to take control of Texas! Buy houses and transport, take over property and beat the old Western pros at their own game! A truly unique poker game and a lot of fun to play!

You can play either tournaments or cash games.  To profit from a tournament you need to make the final 3 at the table, but with a cash game you can get up and cash out at any time.   You can also wager any of your property in a cash game, and win opponents houses too.

The game is no limit Texas hold’em poker.  You get 2 cards “in the hole” and 5 face up “community cards” on the table.  You need to make the best 5 card poker hand using any combination of those 7 cards to win.

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