How to play Terramek

Aim and shoot with the mouse, walk around with the WASD keys, spacebar to nuke, Q and E to change weapons.
Instructions 8 levels of mech blasting action. You control Terramek, a state of the art turreted bipedal war machine equipped with interchangable weapons. Your goal is to make your way through 8 levels, destroying enemies and collecting treasure and upgrades along the way.

Terramek is a top-down blaster in the style of classics like Alien Breed mixed with Smash TV, but with a distinctive Robotron retro feel to it. Blast everything in sight, destroy crates for more treasure and sometimes powerups: Yellow – Nuke Blue – Weapon Coolant Purple – Shield Red – Medic Find exit doors located at the edges of the level map, (indicated by arrow tiles on the floor), to leave the level and buy upgrades in the shop. Avoid overheating guns (watch temperature bars in bottom left corner). Move with WASD keys (or arrows). Aim and fire with the mouse. Cycle primary weapons using Q and E. Cycle secondary weapons using Z and C Activate shield using X. Detonate Nuke with SPACE. Pause with F or ENTER. While paused you can view the map and any items you’ve collected (keys and runes). From the map you can teleport into previously visited rooms.

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