2 New Platform Games

Bubba time

A fun and unique platform/puzzle game with some nice gameplay twists.

Bubba Time is a crossover between a cute and stylish platform game, and a puzzler. Work your way through each of the well design levels, collecting the pieces of the broken click, all the while manipulating time to help you on your adventure!

Running Blue

Retro styled fast paced platform game.

It doesn’t get much more retro than this – a classic old school platform game, reminiscent of the early ’90s. Run, jump, kill enemies and collect coins in an attempt to make the end of each level and save your buddies!

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New Multi-Player Poker Game

Just a quick update today, we’ve been getting requests for more poker games on the site so here we go, a fully featured multi-player Texas Hold’em Poker game from Ego City!

It’s a free to play poker game where you can pit your wits against other players all over the wrld for play money. The game features nice animated avatars and all the features you’d expect in a poker game like this, an easy to use lobby, chat features and more.

Play Texas Hold’em Poker

This is the first totally free and fully featured Flash poker games we’ve come across. It doesn’t quite have the polished graphics and “wow factor” of Governor of Poker, but since it’s multiplayer it cartainly beats it in the playability stakes!

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New poker games and card games added today

Three new games added today, all based on poker but with a twist!  Each game is a strange combination of poker hands and another genre (arcade, puzzle, board game etc.)

Have a go, see what you think, and if you think that they can’t live up to the real thing then play Governor of poker instead – it’s by far the best free poker Flash game anywhere!

Flying Poker
A bit of a strange combination of card game and arcade game in this poker-shooter!
Poker Jong
A fun combination of poker and mah jong. Try to remove all the tiles, while making the highest scoring poker hands.
Poker Drop
Make 5 card poker hands by clicking on adjacent cards and removing them from the grid.

Watch out for some new strategy games and sports games coming soon, along with a cool arcade game and a free tutorial for anyone interested in creating games themselves! (watch this space…)

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Paper Canon – Beautiful new Flash game

It’s not often you’ll hear me calling a game beautiful, but that seems a fitting description for this… The simple graphics are ink drawings on paper, but they are so well done and really bring the images to life… Plus the 50 well designed levels are fun (if a little on the easy side) and well worth the Kwikgames game of the week!

Play Paper Canon now!

Please Heroik, hurry up and make Paper Canon 2 – I want to play the sequel already!

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Shadez 2 – new RTS stragey game

Here’s a great example of what can be achieved with Flash.  Shadez 2: Battle for Earth is a very stylish and well designed real time strategy game.  You control a mercenary army whose mission is to defeat the eveil robot enemies and regain control of Earth.

The game uses a very stylish silhouette graphical design which is quite striking and works really well for the genre.  It’s a 2D game, sidescrolling so there’s not a lot of depth to the gameplay and you’ll learn the tactics needed to beat each level quite quickly, but that doesn’t stop it from being a lot of fun.  If you’re a strategy game fan you’ll love it, if you’re not then this might be a good introduction to the genre for you!

Play Shadez 2 : Battle for Earth

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New cooking games

Three new free cooking games added today…

Herd the ants to the food and avoid the poison and hazards in this strange twist on the cooking game genre.
Make kebabs to your customer’s requests and build up a successful kebab business.
Cooking burgers and selling them on a stall can be more challenging, and more fun then you might think!

Cooking games have become one of our most popular game categories with our younger visitors, but if you’re looking for more traditional game genres don’t worry, we have a fantastic real time strategy game and a great retro racing game coming in the next update tomorrow!

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Want to write your own Flash games?

Our newly launched sister site FlashGamesClassroom.com is now online, where you can learn how to design and program your own Flash games.  Our first big tutorial, How to make Flash games, is now online onine where you can learn to make an entire game from scratch, and even download the source code if you don’t want to type the code in yourself!

We’ll be adding more and more articles and tutorials to Flash Games Classroom over the coming weeks and months, so if you’re interested in learning how to develop your own games head over and check it out!

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Great new games

In today’s update, a new online driving games a couple of awesome new arcade games, and a free cooking game for our younger visitors…

Rave Rider
Rave Rider

One of the best examples of the side-on “offroad” style arcade driving game I’ve come across …
Bloons Tower Defense 4
Bloons Tower Defense 4

Tower defense is nothing new, but as we’ve come to expect from the creatoers of the Bloons games, this is an awesome example of the genre!
Spectro Destroyer
Spectro Destroyer

Nice retro-styled platformer.  Defeat the enemies to progress by bouncing shots of mirrors of the same color… lots of fun, give it a go!
One of the younger visitors…

Something for everyone again – sort of! Watch out for some sports games, shooters and arcade games coming very soon!

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Three new driving games, and a puzzle game…

In today’s update, three online driving games and a puzzler!

Fast Track
Fast Track

With a nod back to the 80s arcade classics like Outrun, this retro styled but modern driving game is a great litle blast…
Crash The Cars
Crash The Cars

Rather than drive your car, why not crash it!  This bumper cars game is loads of fun… for a few minutes!
Space Race
Space Race

Who needs Wipeout, with Flash racing games like this!
And if you don’t like driving games do not fret, here’s a great little puzzle game for the non-drivers amongst you!

Something for everyone – sort of!  Watch out for some sports games, shooters and arcade games coming later in the week!

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Facebook and Twitter highscores come to Kwikgames

Sorry for the lack of updates in recent weeks, I’ve been extremely busy working on games for a couple of big clients and that has left very little time to update Kwikgames. Don’t worry though, I have some big updates planned for next week including 2 big batches of themed games…

Reason for posting today however, I’ve been testing the new HeyZap viral integration for adding highscore posts to Facebook and Twitter. This functionality will likely be added to all of my games in the future, but if you want to check out my first test then play Robot Run and see what you think!

It’s a simple arcade/action game, just see what highscore you can muster and then it’s a single click to share it with your friends…

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