Puzzle Games

Awesome futuristic puzzle game..
Light bot 2.0
Great sequel to the awesome robot programming puzzle game.
Perfect Balance 2
Stack the shapes on screen in a way that achieves perfect balance.
Can you find the solution to all 60 levels?
Saunavihta Vortex
Very stylish, physics based puzzle game.
Light bot
Drag and drop the tetris style pieces into the grid leaving so spaces empty.
Blob wars
Control an army of Blobs in an attempt at total control of the board in this classic Kwikgames puzzle game.
Carefully slice up the blocks, ropes and obstcles in an attempt to get the two balls to meet.
PIV maze game
Can you make it through every maze?
30 levels over 3 difficulty settings.
Stack the blobs and set of chain reactions as you match the patterns in this unique puzzle game.
You’ll need to use your brain in this skill based puzzle game.

Cute puzzle game. Line up Pickies of the same colour to progress.
Da numba
Put your math to the test in this puzzle game.
Classic board game of peg solitaire.
Classic jigsaw puzzle.
crosszle 3d
Line up three or more tiles of the same color and create combos for bonuses.
The classic game of mine sweeper.
Red Remover
Deceptively simple sounding puzzle game with lots of hiden features and bonuses to unlock on later levels.
Fun puzzle game with a strategy element.
Unique puzzle/memory/shooting/drawing game (yeah, that’s a lot of grenres!) with retro styling!
star beacons
Fun and cheerful action/puzzle game.
Light bot
Rotate the colored discs to match the colors to the glowing orbs.
Drag the blocks out of the way in order to escape the grid.
Join the gems in rows of three in this taxing new twist on an old puzzle genre.
Light bot
Remove all the tiles and end up with the block over the red square to clear the level.
Nudge the balloons around the grid to the exit while avoiding the hazards.

Light bot
Program your robot so he navigates the grid and truns off all the lights.
Light bot
Try to be the one who picks up the final stone in this infuriating puzzle game.
buggy bricks
Simple 3D puzzle/skill game.
Rearrange the picture as fast as you can.
Huge tower
Build structures from bacteria to reach the goal line in this well designed and fun puzzle game with real world physics and lots of style!
Rolling Hero 2
Navigate 30 mazes and roll your way to each portal, collecting gems and coins along the way.

Free Puzzle Games

Puzzle games come in all shapes and sizes. From jigsaw puzzles, to Sudoku, from Rubiks cubes to Crosswords, if you love to puzzle there are a huge array of great games to play online! We’re compiling some of the very best on this site, and we update with new puzzle games every single week, so be sure to check back soon, and be sure to subscribe to the newsletter and we’ll send you a quick email to let you know about newly added games! Come and play at our Online Casino and try to win some real money.