Slot Machines Become More Artistic and Entertaining than Ever

When they were first invented by an ingenious car mechanic from San Francisco – it happened over a century ago – they were far simpler than today. The first true slot machine designed by Charles Fey in 1895 was a completely mechanical device with three reels and five symbols on each. All a player could do with it was introduce a coin into a slot, pull a lever (this was the reason it was called a “one armed bandit”), and wait for the reels to stop. At a certain time it was used as an entertaining candy vending machine. Later the machine was introduced in the US casinos in Las Vegas, spawning a complete separate arm of the gambling industry.

In the years to come slot machines have evolved from simple mechanical devices into elaborate, artistic pieces of software available for everyone with an internet connection – they can even benefit of the best royal vegas casino promotions on the side. First the electromechanical slot machine was built by Bally Technology, followed by the first video slot built in 1976, with a 19″ screen and a computer operating the game. By the mid-1990s slot machines found their way to the internet – and that was the time when they have become incredibly popular.

Today’s video slot machines – not all of them, of course, but several of the most notable ones – are such elaborate pieces of software that they can almost be called artistic. Some of them have feature rich animations and soundtracks to fit their theme, others get inspiration from classic or new movies and TV shows, recreating their atmosphere and theme in a most faithful way.

One of the most beautiful video slot machines released this year is Forsaken Kingdom, released through Microgaming’s gaming network by Austrian game design company Rabcat Gaming. The game has a theme based on the immortal myth of King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table. The game has a beautifully built 3D design, with symbols inspired by the myth – the King himself, his wife Guinevere, the Black Knight and the castle of Avalon, along with shields and beautifully designed lesser symbols. The game’s graphics and animations are incredibly smooth. The game is both entertaining and lucrative, offering its players an atmospheric gameplay along with a series of major wins.

Another beautifully designed video slot machine released this year is Dracula, built by Swedish developer Net Entertainment. Based on the immortal figure conceived by Bram Stoker in collaboration with Universal Studios, the game tells the story of the blood-thirsty count seeking out his eternal love in the Victorian London. The game has detail rich graphics and artistic animations, fit to the modern image of Dracula – the count turns into a cloud of bats from time to time, and reacts naturally to the state of the reels.

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