Strategy Games

railway valley
Railway Valley

Really nice “Sim city” style railroad strategy game.
Penguin War
Penguin War

A great tower defence/attack game. Build your army of penguins and attack your opponent’s base.
Bunny Flags
Bunny Flags

Fend off the attacking troops with a commando bunny and an arsenal of defences.
Bug war strategy game
Bug War

Great little strategy game. Try and defeat all the other bugs by over-running their colonies.
Steam of war
Steam Of War

Nice RTS Real Time Strategy game where your goal is to take over the entire map
little farm
Little Farm

Fun puzzle game with a strategy element.
Blob wars
Blob Wars

Control an army of Blobs in an attempt at total control of the board in this Kwikgames classic.
Bloons tower defense 4
Bloons Tower Defense 4

One of the best tower defense games of all time, from the makers of Bloons!
Peg solitaire
Ultimate Battleship

You’ll need cunning and strategy to defeat the opponent’s navy in this modern version of the classic board game!
Peg solitaire

Classic Shanhai (Mahjongg) with lots of style. Select pairs of tiles to remove the from the board in this game of kings!
Create an army and send them into battle against the evil hordes in this real-time strategy game.
The classic strategy board game.
Peg solitaire

Defend the fortress against the invading hordes and become a legend!
Tower defense
Savior : Tower Defense

Nice tower defense game with a magical theme.
word kingdom
Word Kingdom

Form words in order to collect resources and build your empire in this “word game”/”Strategy game” crossover.
Light bot
Light Bot

Program your robot so he navigates the grid and turn off all the lights. You’ll need to think like a programmer to beat this one!
Crush the castle
Crush The Castle

Highly addictive game where you attempt to destroy your enemies castles with your catapult. You’ll need cunning, strategy and tactics to make it through all the levels.
Look after your guests and build up your hotel empire in this fun and unique strategy game.

Strategy Games

Strategy games can be quite simple, or incredibly complicated, but at their heart is always pure strategy. The joy of our smarting, or out manourvering your opponent is far more important than any fancy graphics. We’ll continue to add great strategy games to this page, week after week, so be sure to check back soon!