The Only Way to Play Truly Free Games Online

I have a confession to make: I love to play casino games. I’m especially fond of slot machines, blackjack and video poker, but I occasionally also enjoy a nice game of craps. I’ve tried most social casino games I’ve stumbled upon, both on a desktop browser and on mobile, but I’ve always been annoyed by two things: all the ads and all the incentives to make in-app purchases. When I got tired of these, I’ve started looking for another solution. And I found it – ironically, at a real money gaming venue.

The portal that offers me a solution to my gaming needs without charging me as much as a dime is called Euro Palace, offering the best online gaming experience and it’s a quite high rated gaming portal. It has an amazing game variety, something that no social casino can match – it has hundreds of games in its downloadable suite, with comparable quantities in its browser-based interface. Besides, Euro Palace also has a mobile version, with over 100 titles to choose from. And all of them are completely free.

Intentionally or not, real money gaming portals have created a perfect alternative to social casinos. People can’t share their achievements directly through a social network, but they can enjoy their favorite games without interruption – and without paying a dime. The reason why they offer this alternative is practice. The free version of their software is meant to allow new players to familiarize with the games and the interface, and get to know how a gaming venue works. And this offers a perfect opportunity for players like me to get their daily dose of entertainment without any costs.

How can you play free at Euro Palace? Well, it’s simple.

If you are looking for a casual game of slots, for example, you can head over to their website and choose one of the games shown on the first page. The game will load quickly, allowing you to play in no time – but your session will expire within minutes. This can be annoying – but you can avoid it by simply creating an account.

Creating an account is completely free of charge at Euro Palace – it won’t even ask you for your payment details. You will have to fill out a form, making sure you provide a valid email address. Once you are done, you can choose which of the variants you want to play. The downloadable suite is the best endowed with games, while the browser-based interface is the most easily accessible. And once you have an account, you can head over to their website on your mobile and play whichever game you choose on the go.