This Week’s New Games

Try your luck and skills at Online Casino Games – we got the best games and the best bonuses in the industry. What a week! From commando bunnies, to Finnish sauna phyics to a sequel to one of the best puzzle games of all time, we’ve had a rollercoaster of updates here at Kwikgames! Here are our pick of the best new games this week…

LightBot 2.0

Lightbot was one of the best Flash games of all time, and not it’s back and better than ever! If you have a logical brain and can think like a programmer you’ll love solving every level of this unique and inspired puzzle game.


8 levels of mech blasting action. You control Terramek, a state of the art turreted bipedal war machine equipped with interchangable weapons. Your goal is to make your way through 8 levels, destroying enemies and collecting treasure and upgrades along the way.

Bunny Flags

You’re a lone bunny command with a single mission – defend the flag at all costs! This is an action strategy game with lots of upgrades, bonuses and options – and one fluffy bunny with a big gun!

Saunavihta Vortex

Very stylish physics based puzzle game. Active the blocks, and use the vortexes to reach the sauna on each level and progress through this beautifully designed game.

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